Psilocibine Cubenis : Descriptions, Effects and Pratices

Psilocybin mushrooms : psilocybe cubensis, copelandia cyanescens, etc

Botanical classification

  • Familia: Strophariaceae.
  • Genus: Psilocybe.
  • Especies : cubensis; cyanescens; semilanceata; …
  • Genre: Panaeolus.
  • Species: campanulatus; subbalteatus; …

Common names

Mushrooms, monguis, bonguis, magic mushrooms, teonanácatl.

Classification according to effect



There are over 180 species of mushrooms that contain the psychedelics psilocybin or psilocin. They have a long history of use in Mexico and are currently one of the most popular and commonly available natural psychedelics.

Effects edit

Caution: reactions and experiences can vary dramatically from one person to another.

Total duration: 4 – 7 hours.
Onset: 15-60 minutos.
Ascent: 15-30 minutes.
Plateau: 2-4 hours.
Down: 1-3 hours.

After effects: 0-6 hours.
Hangover: –


  • Rise in mood, euphoria.
  • Laugh, joke.
  • Creative, philosophical, or deep thinking – Ideas flow more easily.
  • Boring or entertaining tasks can become more interesting or fun.
  • Feeling of introspection
  • Renewing spiritual experience.
  • Strong feelings of thinking about things.
  • Paradoxical feeling of normality and a profound alteration of the psyche.
  • It can interrupt migraine episodes.


  • Feeling more emotionally sensitive.
  • General change in consciousness (like many other psychoactive ones).
  • Alteration in perception of time (Wittmann 2006)
  • Time seems to pass more slowly (minutes seem to last hours)
  • The light seems brighter; sensitivity to light.
  • Star and rainbow patterns around luminous dots.
  • Increased motion detection in peripheral vision.
  • Visuals with eyes closed (common in medium and high doses)
  • Sleep, lethargy.
  • Dilation of the pupils.
  • Feeling of energy in the nervous system and extremities.
  • Memories become real.


  • Intense feelings of fear
  • Headache, usually when the effects wear off; sometimes the next day, and can last up to 24 hours.
  • Nausea, gas, gastrointestinal upset, especially when dried mushrooms are eaten raw.
  • Slight to severe anxiety.
  • Vertigo, confusion.
  • Blood pressure drops (in the case of people with low blood pressure)
  • It can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders.
  • Memory breakdown (the ability to perform tasks that require recall and attention are reduced) (Wittmann 2006).


Entheogenic mushrooms are an incredible way of life. Fungi, like other entheogens, have a very particular and unique character.

The effects of mushrooms are highly dependent on the dose and individual sensitivity to psilocybin. For some people 0.25 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms (a very small amount) is enough to send them to completely visionary states, with wide-eyed visuals, uncomfortable stomach upset or gas, and other high-dose effects, while for others the effects they produce the same amount could be merely recognizable, producing a slight chill sensation for the first hour and other mild effects.

Therefore, it is important to know the reactions of each individual to small doses of each and every one of the entheogens. Play it safe.

The effect-time curve of fungi, like other entheogens, is characterized by a short period between ingestion and rise, a short (although experienced as long) period of rise time, a plateau time, fall time, and effects later.

Some but not all of the following effects characterize the following effect levels. Please note that the minimum dose indicated for medium and high doses is extremely low and those that reach these states with less than 1g of cubensis are rare. You can be one of them, so be careful.

Mushroom John’s Tale of the Shrooms: Psilocybe cubensis

Cap: (15-) 25-70 (-85) mm in diameter, conic to convex, becoming campanulate to gradually expanding to plain. Color Copper in center to a light golden brown. Hygrophanous in drying, remnants of a veil and bluing in the edge of the cap when injured.
Gills: Adnate to adnexed to seceding. At first dark gray becoming deep violet gray to dark purplish brown. Sometimes mottled with whitish edges.
Stem: (40-) 70-120 (-170) X (4-) 8-13 (-16) mm. Equal, hollow, stem whitish to a creamy white or yellow brown when faded, easily staining blue where damaged. Fibrillose below the annulus.

Spores: (12-) 13.2-15.4 (-17.6) x 7.7-9.9 (-11) x 7-8.8µ.

Sporeprint: Chocolate to purple-brown.

Habitat: Gregarious, rarely solitary or scattered, common on cow and buffalo dung. Rarely on horse manure, although this species fruits well at home on horse manure and compost. Also in rich soil in pastures and meadows, along roadsides in manure heaps.

Distribution: Very common in subtropical regions, unknown in the tropics. Known in Texas to Florida in the south to the southeast and north from Florida to Georgia and South Carolina. Common in the tropics and subtropics and also in Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, South America, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, India, Fiji, Philippine Islands and Australia. Also either Psilocybe cubensis and/or Psilocybe subcubensis occurs in British Honduras.

Season: Fruiting in summer, but also in different seasons around the globe.

Dosage: 1 or 2 large mushrooms weighing approximately one fresh ounce or 10 to 40 mushrooms weighing same. 1 gram, considered an average dose, three to five grams dried, equivalent to an Indian dosage.

Comment: There are 245 images in this pictorial of Psilocybe cubensis and an equal amount of thumbnails. All images enlarge to 8 inches high. For more data on Psilocybe cubensis, please read:

Light effects (0.25g – 0.75g P. Cubensis)

Slight sensation of cold, moderate gas and / or nausea, nervousness, slight dilation of the pupils, moderate visual changes including lights appear brighter or have a starry appearance and the awareness of movement in the peripheral vision, feeling of lightness, feeling more emotionally sensitive and many other effects related to a change in the neurochemistry of each individual.

Medium effects (0.75g – 2.5g P. Cubensis)

Sensation of cold, gas and / or stomach discomfort, nausea, dilated pupils, visual effects with eyes open: auras, effects with starry patterns, formation of alcoiris around the light, the light seems brighter, often “prettier “, movement is perceived in the periphery, sometimes the ability to concentrate is increased or decreased, the visual field distracts and entertains, visual effects with closed eyes: shapeless masses appear on patterns, shapes, different forms, the ability is increased to creatively visualize, detailed spontaneous images, feeling of time dilation, feelings of “coming home again” more often pronounced in those who have used these mushrooms before, feelings of belonging and connection, increased emotional sensitivity, increased ability to focus on memories or emotional problems, opportunity to be caught in a loop of thinking about a simple thinking or feeling (usually negative or painful), realizing about past feelings, epiphanies about the way of living, gaining a new perspective on the current way of life and behavior, feelings of connection with those around you, realizing things that they are usually ignored or taken for granted, wondering, amusement, sadness, spite, religious awakening, contention, and possibly psychological crises.

Effects at high doses (2.5g – 10g)

All half-dose effects, usually with a significantly more uncomfortable high, more pronounced nausea effect (rarely) resulting in vomiting, sometimes significant mental discomfort associated with feelings of fear, and often accompanying ‘what have I done with myself so far’ thoughts “or” how far am I going “, the uncomfortable effects of the high usually diminish with familiarity and increased knowledge about the safety and character of the effects of these fungi. High dose effects are typically characterized by significantly more elaborate and immersive visualizations with the eyes closed, spiritual revelation, spiritual awakening, near death experiences, ego loss, speaking to something seemingly external, autonomous entities, extremely emotional responses , repressed memories come to the fore, latent psychological crises may surface, increased artistic sense and intense feeling of wondering, connection, fun, fear. Effects at high doses can include extreme time dilation, with minute experiences that may seem like an extremely long time, looking at clocks or digital counters where seconds seem to take minutes to pass. One of the most interesting effects is the feeling of awakening for the first time coming from a previous state of “sleep”, of liberation from what is seen at that moment as a state of attachment.

Paradoxically, this new revelation feels normal and natural and the previous fog looks totally unreal. The mushroom psychonaut is convinced that, once won, this awakening is impossible to lose, but inexplicably the next day is just a memory.

Notice and Caution

Erowid Effects Information is a summary of data collected by users, research, and other sources. This information is intended to describe the range of effects that people experience and report. Effects can vary dramatically from person to person or experience to experience based on a variety of factors such as body chemistry, age, gender, physical health, dosage, material format, etc.

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