🥇 Variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms

Variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms
There are many characteristics that make the Mexican hallucinogenic mushroom variety a very popular variety among magic mushroom lovers. The first thing you should know is that the exotic Mexican strain of hallucinogenic mushrooms is a psilocybe cubensis, a kind of hallucinogenic mushroom whose main active elements are psilocybin and psilocin. There are two main types of Mexican cubensis: the Mazatapec variety and the Mexican variety. Both are very appreciated by beginners in the world of magic mushrooms because they are excellent for a first experience and to get in touch with the world of magic mushrooms, especially if you like spiritual experiences. The variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms has been used by indigenous Mexicans for generations.

Effects of the variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms

Many people prefer the Mexican magic mushroom variety for their first mushroom experiences because they offer a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact on the body. You will feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations with only approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming them. The effects of the variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms allow you to expand your creativity and original thoughts, your social behavior and your good feelings. You will get visual hallucinations, both with your eyes open and closed, with variations in colors and shapes. The pleasant, warm sensations slowly and quietly fade away and there are no strange feelings attached. The effects of 8 to 15 grams fresh usually last between 4 and 6 hours. Many mushroom users say that the mazatapec variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms is very gentle on the body, does not lower the temperature as much and does not grind the teeth as other mushrooms, allowing you to focus more on the spiritual effects.

How to grow the variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms

There are two options for growing your own fresh Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms. – The first option would be a Mexican magic mushroom grow kit, ideal for growers who want to grow quickly and easily. At Psycodelice you have growing kits for Mexican mushrooms with mycelium for your own home growing. – For the grower who wants to customize the growing process and optimize yield, we have a second option: Mexican spores. Using spores can save you money and help optimize conditions to maximize your crop. In Psycodelice you can also find syringes and spore vials of hallucinogenic mushrooms of all kinds.

Recommendations when taking the variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms

– Enjoy this experience with a friend or friends who can help you in case of need. – Do not exceed the recommended dose. – Smoking marijuana or taking other substances before or after taking hallucinogenic mushrooms is not recommended and can shorten the psychotropic journey. You should avoid mixing substances. – Drink water during the trip. – If you do not feel well and want to ‘stop your trip’, take vitamin C or something sweet (an orange juice would be perfect) to reduce the effects. – If you have a bad trip, try to relax and talk about the experience by changing your thoughts. In short, if you are looking for everything you need to grow the variety of Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms like any other type of magic mushroom, visit Psycodelice, the largest online mushroom growing store. Whether you are a beginner in this world or an expert, we provide everything you need such as mushroom grow kits or breads with mycelium, spore vials, magic truffles, etc. Visit our online store to have the best ‘trip’. All our shipments are also discreet and completely legal. And if you are also fond of growing marijuana, visit Houseplant.

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