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Suggested Dosing, tread lightly.
Lab tested. Made in Canada.

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3.5-28 g
15 Γ— 10 Γ— 1 cm
3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 112g

Discovered at the Angkor Wat temple by renowned authority on hallucinogenic mushrooms, John Allen, on one of his trips to Cambodia. A good visual strain with an energetic feeling, great for an outdoor trip.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) – January 28, 2020

    The size of the caps was just unbelievable. Very well dried, definitely will be buying again. I was nervous about ordering at first, but I shouldn’t have been! With room920 you’re in great hands!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Dumas
    (verified owner) – February 13, 2020

    Fast and discreet shipping. The shrooms are dried, fresh, tasty and A +. Great quality. Recommanded. Merci Room920!🀘

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Kyle morgado
    (verified owner) – February 17, 2020

    Amazing , came fast , shipping was Not an issue . The Caps are an amazing Rich DarK golden colour . Great to see others on here feel exactly the same way as I do.
    Room920 is excellent.

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