🙌 Drying the hallucinogenic mushrooms

  • Drying the magic mushrooms with a homemade desiccant
  • Steps for drying hallucinogenic mushrooms
    • Instructions for drying hallucinogenic mushrooms:
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Drying the magic mushrooms with a homemade desiccant

Desiccant is a substance that absorbs water from the atmosphere. Silica gel is the most common desiccant. It is often found in industrial packaging, but also in food that needs to be kept dry. The most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to dry magic mushrooms is to make a desiccant yourself. It is much easier than it seems, especially buying Epsom salt in any natural products store or online. The chemistry behind drying magic mushrooms with Epsom salt is this: this salt is magnesium sulfate. If you heat it, seven water molecules will evaporate, leaving only the anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Because sulfate wants to recover these seven water molecules, it will absorb water from the atmosphere until it becomes saturated. Therefore, if we mix the mushrooms with the sulfate, it will remove all the water from the mushrooms.

Steps for drying hallucinogenic mushrooms

To begin with, it is a good idea to pre-dry the mushrooms. This will remove much of the excess moisture and prevent mold from growing. To do this, place the mushrooms on a drying tray and blow a fan on them until they look a little wrinkled and feel dry to the touch. With this drying, your hallucinogenic mushrooms are prepared to last a little time, but if you want them to last longer, you must take more steps. Now that the excess moisture has been removed from the mushrooms, they need to be moved to another stage for long-term storage. The most effective way we have found for drying magic mushrooms is to turn Epsom salt into a homemade desiccant. To dry the magic mushrooms, you will need the following: – Epsom salt – A drying tray – A hammer – An airtight container – An oven – A metal mesh – Kitchen paper

Instructions for drying hallucinogenic mushrooms:

– Fill a typical baking sheet with about 1 centimeter of Epsom salt. – Preheat your oven between 200 and 250 degrees. The closer you get to 250 degrees the better. – Put the Epsom salt in the oven and let it cook for about 2 hours. This will remove all the moisture present. – Anhydrous magnesium sulfate will start to absorb moisture from the air as soon as you take it out of the oven, so you should be quick. Don’t wait for it to cool down. The salts will have turned into a solid table. Take a hammer and break it into pieces. – Put the pieces in airtight containers as soon as possible, while they are still hot. Don’t worry if the Epsom salt re-moistens completely within this time, but the faster you go through the process, the better. You already have the desiccant. – Now put the desiccant in a plastic container as the bottom layer. – Cover your desiccant with a layer of kitchen paper. – Take a metal mesh and place it around the sides in the container so that the mesh creates a platform on which to hold the mushrooms on the kitchen paper. This is done so as not to run any risk of the mushrooms coming into physical contact with the desiccant. – Place the mushrooms on top of the metal mesh. – Put a tight lid on the container. – The desiccant will now begin to absorb all the moisture from the fungi, drying the hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is important that the container is airtight so that the only moisture available is that of the mushrooms and the air trapped there. – Check how dry the mushrooms are after two days. They are considered completely dry when they split when folded.

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