💯 DMT: the molecule of God.

Some time ago we revealed the mysteries of Ayahuasca to you. A legendary potion consumed since ancient times by shamans and indigenous communities of Central and South America. In that post, we tell you the story of this hallucinogenic substance, its uses and the organic chemistry behind it. We even gave you a recipe. However, we did miss one thing, and that is its effects and the stories people tell about recreational use of DMT. So today we are going to tell you something more about it. We will focus a little more on the smoked DMT itself, and explaining the differences with Ayahuasca.

Table of Contents

  • DMT and ayahuasca: some differences.
  • DMT as a consciousness elevator.
  • DMT: infinite journeys with amazing coincidences.
  • Crossing to the other side.
  • Coming back to the reality.

DMT and ayahuasca: some differences.

Ayahuasca is generally ingested in search of a long and more or less supervised trip. The consumption of smoked DMT is oriented to very intense and brief experiences. They usually involve hallucinogenic experiences lasting between five and twenty minutes. This will depend on the doses, the consumer’s experience and their natural resistances. It must be remembered that ayahuasca is a recipe that essentially combines two plants. Only one of them is the carrier of DMT or dimethyltryptamine. The
dimethyltryptaminedimethyltryptamine, in a representation of Terence McKenna. another is the one that inhibits an enzyme that dissociates DMT upon reaching the stomach. This is precisely why ayahuasca is consumed: it is the only way to have this hallucinogenic experience for hours, albeit in a slightly smoother way.

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